Prepare to be a Great Teacher

If you are looking at a teaching career,  chances are you have an image in your head of what a successful teacher is like. There are many opinions and lots of advice out there regarding what makes a teacher a great teacher.

Most people in academia agree that great teacher have high expectations for themselves and their students. And with this comes the tenacity to help students do the best they can. They believe every student can achieve great things.

Great teachers are organized and prepared. They take time to envision what they want to accomplish with each lesson plan. They devote uninterrupted time to preparing lessons and keep their classrooms interactive and engaging. They learn early on when they first consider how to become a teacher that a big part of the picture is staying organized and keeping the classroom running smoothly.

Students remember teachers who helped them to look at things in a variety of ways rather than teaching the status quo. They ask open-ended questions and respect differing opinion. They encourage discussion.

Great teachers believe in connection and relationship as a teaching tool. They reach out to parents and genuinely care about students. They demonstrate compassion and strive to get students involved.

Knowing their subject matter to the point of becoming experts sets great teachers apart. They are passionate about their fields and love to learn new things. They demonstrate their enthusiasm to students.

Along with a passion for their subjects, they have a passion for the art of teaching. They wake up wanting to teach, study ways to reach students more effectively, and spend the time to make teaching a great experience for students.

Teachers must be willing to change. Teaching is a dynamic profession. Being open to technology, being creative about resources and learning models is important as a teacher’s career develops.

And finally, a great teacher loves and respects students. They are not intimidated or easily unnerved. And they never give up on any student, no matter how disinterested that student may seem. They know that some days will be better than others, and they take the good with the bad.

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