Private School Jobs

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, or you currently are a teacher looking to change jobs, perhaps you should look at private school jobs as an alternative to the traditional public school openings.

There are lots of advantages to teaching in a private school. Private school teachers tend to be more satisfied than public school teachers. A study by the Council for Private Education showed that private school teachers are more likely to continue teaching as long as they are able. On the other hand, 66 percent of public school teachers say they’ll leave teaching as soon as they are eligible for retirement and that they would immediately leave teaching if a higher paying job were available.

Private schools are known for more disciplined classroom environments, enriched curriculum and higher expectations of students. Test scores show that students in private schools perform better on standardized achievement tests. These students are also more likely than their public school counterparts to complete a college degree by age 24.

Private school teachers also say they have more freedom in their private school teaching jobs along with better working conditions and a stronger network of staff support. Contrary to what you might have heard, private school jobs can pay as well or more than public school positions. While parochial school budgets are lower due to lower tuition for students, Montessori school job salaries are very close to a public school teacher salary, especially for teachers with a solid education and teaching credentials.

While some private school jobs are open to teachers without state certification, the higher salaries go to those who are certified. Most uncertified teachers who are hired because of shortages in the workforce are usually expected to earn certification within a couple of years. This opens up the private school job market for professionals in other careers who decide to change jobs to become teachers. With the advent of high quality accredited online degree programs, you can work as a part-time or even full-time teacher in a private school while earning a degree in education.

Some private schools have on-campus housing for teachers. Boarding school dorm masters are usually junior faculty members. Senior faculty members live in on-campus school-provided housing – a great economic benefit. Day schools do not have this option.  Each school is unique with their own set of policies and benefits.

Private school teaching jobs are as plentiful as public school jobs. There are job boards devoted to private school job openings, such as the website of the National Association of Independent Schools.