Where to Find the Best Teaching Jobs

Have you thought about where you want to teach? Looking for the best teaching jobs may be a matter of geographic preference, proximity to family and friends. Job boards like SchoolSpring include job listings from all over the world. But if you have the ability to relocate, some locations are rated higher than others when it comes to the best places to teach.

Communities that get high marks when it comes to being teacher-friendly are those where there are historically a shortage of teachers, have a high quality of life and a low cost of living.

With its recent emphasis on being a family place, Las Vegas is a growing city with more teaching jobs than they can fill. Clark County schools are said to have hired teachers sight unseen over the phone.

If you like warm weather, Florida is a hot spot for teachers. Class sizes were required by law to be reduced, meaning more teachers needed to be hired. Look for areas with young families like Orlando.

North Carolina has a strong economy, despite recent oil spill setbacks. The Raleigh-Durham area is popular for teachers looking for competitive wages, and a pleasant climate.

Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia are full of opportunities right now, especially for bilingual teachers as Spanish is now being introduced to elementary school children.

Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona are experiencing a shortage of teachers. These locations have a moderate cost of living and pay competitive salaries for those looking to build careers in education. Younger teachers have found Denver to be a great location, with teachers making 114% of the average state salary. Albuquerque, New Mexico is also a western state known for paying the highest teacher salary in the US.

If you are a Midwesterner, Boise, Idaho has been rank in the top five best cities to work by Kiplinger Magazine, and in the top ten by US News & World Report. Teachers there are paid 152% of the average state salary. Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota have some of the the lowest unemployment rates in the country as well as one of the highest average teacher salaries.

Our nation’s capital has been adding teaching jobs by the hundreds since 2009. The average salary for an elementary school teacher in Washington is $55,000.