Summer Jobs For Teachers

One of the advantages of becoming a school teacher is that you get summers off! Some teachers may want to vacation or spend time doing nothing over summer break. But if you are looking for something to do to earn extra money, there are a lot of great options for summer jobs for teachers. You may want to use your expertise in working with children, or you perhaps you want to take a break from the classroom. Here are 10 ideas for summer jobs for teachers..

1. Teach overseas - Several organizations offer overseas experiences, both paid and volunteer. This is a great way to learn about other cultures, develop language skills, and work in a challenging and rewarding environment.  World Teach  offers special training and a TEFL certification with summer volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica, Namibia, Ecuador, South Africa, China and Poland.

Abbey Road offers paid summer positions to lead language immersion and pre-college programs in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the U.S. for high school students. Summer teaching jobs with Abbey  Road include art instructors, camp instructors and houseparents, high school summer school teachers, after-school assistants, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese summer camp Instructors, tutors, campus Ssupervisors, day camp teachers, and migrant home based instruction tutors.

2.  Have an adventure job - If you like being outside and have a sense of adventure, Back Door Jobs offers short-term jobs for outdoor enthusiasts. There are jobs in North America and worldwide that include wilderness therapy, environmental education, sustainable living and farming work, camp and ranch jobs, resort and hospitality Job and teaching abroad.

3.  Become a summer camp counselor - Your experience with children makes you a perfect candidate for camp counseling positions. You can work through the entire summer, or just a few weeks. Camp counselors work with children in an outdoor, casual, fun setting. is a website that lists camp positions.

4. Work at a state park - State parks have seasonal job openings in the summer. There are dozens of jobs to be filled in all kinds of areas. And parks will usually keep a job open for teachers who plan to return the following summer.

5. Be a swimming Instructor or lifeguard - You want to spend time at the pool anyway – why not teach or lifeguard? Depending on your skill level, you may only need to take a refresher first aid and CPR class t get started,

6. Teach a Recreation Department class - Contact your local park and rec department to see what classes they may need teachers for. If you have a skill or special interest, see if they would be interested in you teaching it.

7. Tutor - Students who want to get a head start on the school year, are having trouble and need to catch up, or are preparing for college entrance exams look for tutors in the summer. Math, reading, and English as a second language tutors are always in demand.

8. Freelance - Online freelancing websites like oDesk, Elance and Guru have contract jobs posted from employers in many areas. If you are good at data entry, bookkeeping, writing or other office skills, you can bid on jobs and work as much or as little as you like.

9. Retail - Apply for a job in a store you frequent – you’ll get a paycheck and an employee discount!

10. House and pet sitting - Take care of pets and houses while your neighbors go on vacation. Local pet sitting companies may also be hiring for the summer.